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Difference Between Crystals and Gems

The debate between crystal lovers and gemstone enthusiasts will never end.

There are many different types of stones out in the world. Some can be used for healing, while others have historical significance or bring good fortune with them when you wear them every day. It really does depend on what kind! Stones are like the building blocks of life. They never change or lose their energy, which helps them to always maintain their grounding balance in this world.

Crystals and gemstones both fall into this category, but there’s one big difference between them: crystals generally come from molten rock, whereas gems form under high-temperature conditions like intense heat treatment.

The crystal-growing process is a fascinating one. However, we don’t want to bore you with all the technical details. In the following passage, we will share some interesting facts about them. We hope, that this information will help you to find the perfect crystal and gemstone for your next project.

A crystal is said to be a “living” thing; 

It resonates upon touch and can absorb negative thoughts/feelings from its surroundings which are held within the lattice-like network inside each stone structure – so wearing one could help you remember that everything happens for good reasons sometimes! Gemstones hold powerful natural properties depending on what type they’re made up.

The different colors of crystal and gemstone have been used throughout human history for many purposes.

For example, blue is the color of sailors because it can enhance their courage while reminding them to trust in God’s protection during times at sea!

Rose Pink Crystal represents love and joyfulness. It’s a sure sign that your heart is full!

Black crystal, better known as black tourmaline, is the stone of energy. It absorbs energy and draws it in towards itself. This facilitates healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental – all at the same time!

Green quartz was once referred to as “lesser quartzes” but is now being used in jewelry more frequently because of its calming green sheen. The most common colors are light green to dark green, with shades of blue-green appearing too. Green Crystals can help with anxiety, depression, sleep, etc.

As you can see, with their energy, you can really personalize the look of who YOU are. Crystal and gemstone jewelry is a wonderful way to represent your personality.

Whether it’ll bring good luck or just make YOU look fabulous… everyone needs at least one item from our list.

It took us many, many years to create our Brand. We’re not messing around when it comes to our jewelry. Trust us, we know what’s up and have all the best styles! Check out our crystal and gem collections to find the perfect piece for you.

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